Snow In Seconds - Large Pouch


Enough fluffy white snow for a one of a kind experience (2 Gallons) In an easily re-sealable bag.
Just add water - Grows instantly 100x its size
Long Lasting - Will Not Melt
Looks and Feels like real snow! - Even cold to the touch!
Create memorable snow themed parties, inside and outside!
Snow in Seconds fake snow is a powder with super-absorbing "tiny sponge" properties. It is safe, non-toxic, and will "erupt" into snow when you add water - Instantly! Snow in Seconds is long lasting, never melts and is so realistic it is cold to the touch! It is used at ski resorts, in photo shoots, and by movie makers to create realistic snow. Snow in Seconds makes it easy for you to bring the high tech powder used by professionals in movies into your home affordably!

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