Auntie & Me


Is there a special Auntie in your child's life? Or are YOU the special Auntie? Auntie and Me celebrates the special bond between Aunts and their favorite nieces and nephews. Aunties are cool! Aunties are fun! And Aunties play, sing, dance...and almost always let you win. Follow this foxy Auntie and her lucky little fox as they prove that Aunties are the BEST. Bright, rhyming board book is sturdy for babies and toddlers. Perfect Mother's Day gift for a special Aunt. Wonderful gift for a new Aunt!

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  • Poetic rhythm and rhymes encourage language patterns and development amongst toddlers.
  • Rich illustrations will keep any toddler engaged and entertained in this beautiful keepsake book.
  • Sturdy, large board pages are suitable for even the littlest babies and toddlers. Easy for little ones to follow along as they share the story together.
  • Introduces preschoolers to new words, letters, and beginning sounds helping to expand vocabulary.
  • Beautifully captures the unconditional love shared between an aunt and her niece or nephew.

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